The wildly popular ChatGPT bot from OpenAI has taken the world by storm, enabling millions across the world to experience the most advanced AI chatbot ever created while making headlines across the country.  

Famously banned from New York City schools for fears of cheating, the intelligent bot has drawn the eyes of companies like Microsoft who recently invested $10 Billion into the company responsible for the bot, OpenAI. 

The New York Times recently called the A.I. “a freakishly capable tool” while Forbes said ChatGPT is “Redefining Human Expertise”

Epique Realty, a tech brokerage, has released a custom ChatGPT enabled bot to help their agents answer questions and automate tedious tasks.

The custom chatbot is powered by ChatGPT by OpenAI, a leading artificial intelligence platform. This chatbot is designed to understand natural language and provide accurate answers to user questions. It can also be used to automate tedious tasks such as scheduling appointments and taking messages as well as writing Property Descriptions, Blog Posts, and more. 

The custom chatbot is available to all Epique Realty agents and can be accessed through the company’s internal dashboard and mobile app. The chatbot is designed to provide quick and accurate responses to questions, write copy for them, and help agents to work more efficiently.

Epique Realty CEO, Josh Miller, said: “We are excited to be releasing our custom chatbot powered by ChatGPT.  This chatbot will revolutionize the way our agents do business, providing them with instant access to answers, help them automate tedious tasks, and write dynamic and engaging blog posts and property descriptions in seconds saving valuable time.”

The release of the custom AI chatbot is a great step forward for Epique Realty’s long list of AI-Enable tech and a great compliment to it’s revolutionary mobile app, Epique Cloud available on the App Store and Google Play to all Epique Agents. 


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