Epique Realty announces their groundbreaking new initiative: Declining Commission Caps for their agents.

This is the first of its kind in the real estate industry, and it will give agents more control over their profits and help them save money.


Commission caps limit the amount of money an agent can pay into a brokerage.  This allows productive agents to save on their broker expense once they hit a certain level, and allows brokerages to retain top talent.  By introducing a declining commission cap, Epique Realty will help their agents lower their commission costs over time. This will be beneficial for both the agents and the company. Agents will be able to save money on commissions, while Epique Realty will benefit from long-term loyalty, higher quality agents joining, and higher retention rates.

The commission caps will be applied on the date of the Agent’s anniversary. Agents will start out with a $15K cap paid to their brokerage, and it will go down each year by $1,000.00 until it hits $10K. This will give agents an incentive to work hard and improve their performance over the year and allow more seasoned agents to reach their cap quicker with every passing year.

“We value loyalty and want to be long term partners with our agents and shareholders. We are proud to be the first in the industry to offer this innovative new program to our agents.” said Joshua Miller, CEO of Epique Realty.  “We are confident that this will help our agents save money, build wealth, and increase their satisfaction over time while still retaining the world-class benefits and technology that Epique agents are used to.” he added.


Epique Realty is a disruptive, agent-owned, tech-based real estate brokerage based in Texas.  To see a full list of benefits visit joinepique.com.