It’s virtually impossible to write out a full list of the features that Epique Realty offers without making an actual list — a long list, with many bullet points, headings, subheadings, and more. To do so is it’s own feature add-on that requires constant updating, re-wording, and simplifying.


There’s a reason this feature-rich, well thought out, yet nonetheless, overwhelming list exists in the first place.


Like many agents, we got our real estate license by attending classes, either online or in person. We thought we’d learn to be agents from these very serious-sounding courses and quickly discovered that we were only studying the law, theory of law, how to read a contract, and how not to get sued. While very important to know, we were now left with the same questions…what do I do now?

It’s usually at this point, someone we know (usually the same person who inspired us to get our license in the first place) explains that this training comes from your broker/company. Most of us chose our first brokerage based on training opporunities, or mentors, or family that would help guide us in our newly chosen careers.


But what happens after your first brokerage? You’ve received your training and now have a firm grasp of how to make this your full time job. Putting the training aside, is the brokerage you’re at still the best option for your future success. What do they offer?


These offerings, we’ve found usually fall into one of two categories:

1. Brokerage does absolutely nothing, but also doesn’t charge you very much if anything. (“Discount Brokerage”)

2. Brokerage has lots of post-introductory training and coaching to teach you how to do more. They often charge between 20-50%. (“Full Service”)


The issue with each of these options, though they vary greatly, is that they all require the same thingfor you to do it all yourself.


Most agents are great at what they do (talking to people, selling, negotiating). But most fall short of the other necessities like Marketing, Design, Brand Building, Social Media, Lead Generation, etc. They try to hire this out by buying leads from companies like Zillow, and hiring young people to manage their social media, hiring design companies to make them a logo, a website, and more. There’s an endless amount of money agents are willing to (and do!) spend to offload these chores so they can focus on their strengths…closing deals and building relationships.


“Can someone recommend a good Transaction Coordinator?”

“Who is the cheapest sign company in the Houston Area?”

“Does anyone have a photographer they reccommend?”

Have you seen these questions in Real Estate groups on Facebook? Agents are left to wander, learning as they go. There is value in learning through experience, but agents who know what success looks like know that they need to focus on their strengths if they want to grow their brand. Taking your marketing skills from nothing to mediocre would not help take your business from mediocre to outstanding. Improving your social media postings from nothing, to once a month, won’t bring you over the top either. But, focusing on your relationships will. Indeed, your SOI and referrals will feed your business forever if you have the time to focus on them.

We imagined a third option.

What if a brokerage did everything they could to help the agent? What would that look like? What is “everything” anyway? What would be too much? How could we do all of this and still be a profitable company? Is that possible?


Lots of questions were asked in the early stages of Epique Realty.

Ultimately, we came to the conclusion that we Should be doing these things — and if we should then we would have to figure out how we Could. My mother used to say “When there’s a will, there’s a way”. As agents facing the same issues, we had enough will for all of the other agents in Texas. We needed to fix something that feels broken. A structure that was lacking.


“Passion alone can’t cut it. For passion to survive it needs structure. A why without how has little probablity of success” – Simon Sinek


By structure, we don’t mean rules. We mean a plan laid out for every agent, for every deal/transaction. One that could be handled for the agent, freeing up their time and their mind. What if marketing were automatically done for you. What if you got a listing and your private concierge uploaded it to the MLS, Scheduled the Photos, Setup Showings, Sent out Just Listed Postcards, Email Blasts, and more? What if they handled all of the paperwork, coordinated closings, placed and removed your Signs from the lawn, and more?


In addition to taking some of the workload off of agents, we (like you and all of us) were tired of being nickle-and-dimed for very little or overcharged. Also, the rewards for things like longevity, high sales, etc. are afterthoughts for most brokerages. These have become the cornerstone of what we envisioned for our brokerage. It’s the “thing that keeps us up at night”. What can we do to make this brokerage a place no one will ever want to leave? The place that people will reccommend to other agents?

These broad questions feed our innovation. They feed our attention to detail while adding as many things as we can to make our brokerage one-of-a-kind. The first agent-centric brokerage out there. Our first thought is “what else can we do?” not “what else can we charge?”.


There’s an exhaustive list on our Main Page of features we offer agents –from Stock, Profit Sharing, Revenue Sharing, CryptoCurrency Awards, Free Car Wash Membership, and more. We are always adding to the list, and hope you’ll join us in our growth by contributing your own ideas on how we can make things better. We are an ever-evolving company. Created for agents, by agents. Join us and help us change the industry forever.