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Epique is the first brokerage to offer full 360º agent concierge support.

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We offer a full range of support for our agents.


  • Free 1-on-1 Mentor/Coach
  • Virtual Trainings
  • Live Trainings
  • Weekly Meetings
  • Personal Assistant to Help Build Your Business
  • Transaction Coordinator to do/help with Paperwork
  • Concierge Team for Questions



Epique is the first brokerage to offer full 360º agent concierge support.

*except your laundry

What We Do

Our concierge approach allows agents to focus on building relationships.


  • Contract-to-Close Paperwork
  • Listing Promotion
  • Scheduling Vendors
  • Marketing (Creating material, sending email blasts, etc.)
  • Contacting Clients
  • and so much more!


We don’t nickel and dime agents for services. Every service we offer is included.

What's Included

These are just some of the dozens of perks we offer our agents.

  • Free Listing Photos
  • Free Yard Signs
  • Free Supra Boxes
  • Free Car Washes
  • Free Facebook Ads
  • Free Leads
  • Free AIBased CRM Software
  • Free Canva PRO Access
  • Free Matterport 3-D Access
  • Free Email Blasts to MLS Agents
  • and so much more.


* no extra fees, splits, etc. for agent perks. Where available. Not all areas covered by all services.

Epique does more for their agents than any other brokerage in history.


Our CRM uses Google® Machine Learning Algorithm to automate your business.

Automate Conversations with Leads, send Homes automatically, and advance leads and client Pipelines. While that may sound complicated, it’s all automatic and there’s nothing to setup.



All of our agents earn free Stock Awards for doing the things they’re already doing.

Be a part of something bigger.


We created Epique to be an agent-centric brokerage that fostered and rewarded Teamwork, Community Support, and Shared Success.



From leadership, to agents, and support staff — we are always working together to help one another.


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We don’t charge extra referral fees or additional splits. We offer Buyer & Seller leads from sites like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Realtor.com, and others.

Epique is the first brokerage in history to offer declining commission caps.

Declining Commission Caps



We think loyalty and a shared common purpose should be rewarded. 

  • 1st Year | $15,000 Cap
  • 2nd Year | $14,000 Cap
  • 3rd Year | $13,000 Cap
  • 4th Year | $12,000 Cap
  • 5th Year | $11,000 Cap
  • 6+ Years | $10,000 Cap

As low as $10K/year. First year is $15K, decreasing by $1K each year that you hit the cap. 

Un-Complicated Revenue Share.


DITCH THE PYRAMID. We want to share in our growth with those who help us reach our goals. We are committed to giving away up to 50% of our revenue in the form of Revenue Sharing for introducing agents to the company.


  • No MLM / Pyramid Structure
  • No Front Line Qualifying Restrictions (FLQA)
  • No across the board reductions (e.g. Buffering)


of Company Gross Commission

from sales in your downline.

Levels Deep

No front line minimums. No across the board reductions.


The Best Technology

We have sourced the most advanced software and partners in RE Tech for our agents.

Chime CRM • Google Workspace • Matterport • CanvaPRO • and more.

Commission & Fees


Split. 100% once cap is hit.

  • $99 Flat Rate Residental Leases
  • 3 Free Personal Deals / yr


  • $149 Per Month
  • 0.1% Transaction Fee
  • $49 Signup Fee

X No E&O Fees 

X  No Desk Fees

X  No Office Fees

X  No Lead Fees / Splits

X  No Franchise Fees

X  No Mentor / Coaching Fees

X  No Annual Fees

X  No Education Fees


Whether you’re a Team Leader or want to join a team, Epique has support for your organization.


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Free Crypto Currency Awards


All of our agents earn free Crypto Currency for doing the things they’re already doing.

Crypto is changing the lives of our agents, clients, and the world of finance.

Epique Easy Switch™

We will do it all for you.

From Business Cards, Flyers, Signs, moving Domain Names, Exporting and Importing Contacts…we will do it all for you!

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