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The most support.

365 days a year.


Daily Live Training

7 Days

a Week

New &


+ On Demand



Free 1-on-1 Mentorship

On Call Access

Forever Support

1-On-1 Support


Concierge Support

365 Days

< 5 Min Response

360º Support


Transaction Coordinator

No Extra Fees

Save Hours of Time

More Deals / yr.

The most benefits of any brokerage in history.


Free Leads

No Extra Fees

A.I. Instant Followup

Multiple Sources


Free Listing Photos

Fast Turnaround

4K HDR Images

Professional Photos


Free Yard Signs

Posts Included

Installation & Removal

Luxury Metal Signs


Free Lockboxes

24HR Delivery

Weather Proof

Jam-Free & New


Free Continuing Education (CE)

100% Free Courses

Online Courses

In-Person Classes


Free Car Washes

Unlimited Membership

Nationwide Access

Discounted Upgrades


Free Social Media Ads

Instagram Ads

Facebook Ads

Professional Design


Free Digital Billboards

Professional Designed

No Extra Cost

Locally Placed


Free Head Shots

Professional Photos

HDR Quality

1,000+ Locations


Free Health Care

Free Primary Care

Free Prescriptions

Free Mental Health


Free Healthcare Benefits Packages

Free Primary Care Visits, Prescriptions, and so much more! Agent Cost: $0. You can add a spouse or dependent for only $20. You can then add any additional family members for only $5 each. 

Free Direct Primary Care

Direct access to your personal, private physician. You can call, text, or video chat with your private doctor directly. Same day appointments.

Free Prescriptions

Over 1,000+ Free Prescriptions (the top 95% most prescribed in the U.S.) delivered straight to your door.  Up to 80% of other prescriptions. 

Free Urgent Care

24/7/365 Virtual Urgent Care with a physician who can write emergency prescriptions, diagnose, and more.

Free Mental Health

Access your own licensed mental health provider. $0 virtual visits. Choose from huge network of specialists. 

The most technology of any brokerage.




Artificial Intelligence

Google A.I.

Auto-Text Messaging

Machine Learning


Chime CRM

24/7 Assistant

Lead Funnels

No Setup

Cloud App

Referral Exchange

Transaction Management


Help Instantly


A.I. Assistant

Chat GPT Enabled

Write Blogs Instantly

Property Descriptions


IDX Website

Lead Capturing

Home Valuation

Mobile Responsive


Canva PRO

500,000+ Templates

100+ Million Elements

Print Service


Digital + Physical NFC Business Card.

Battery Free

NFC Tap Technology

Unlimited Taps


Low + Declining Caps

Decreases Annually

Never Increases

12-Month Reset


Commission Caps

Caps limit the amount you can pay the brokerage. This is the maximum, not the minimum, and is designed to reward our top producers.

$15K Cap to as low as $10K Cap

Declining Caps

Pay less every year. Your cap lowers on your anniversary date each year by $1,000.

100% Commission

Once you hit the Cap, you go to 100% Commission for the rest of your year. 

No Requirement

You are not required to hit the minimum cap amount. Your cap will lower every year.

Company Equity

Get Equity in the company when you hit your cap! 500 Shares (or $5,000 in Equity), whichever is less.


Company Equity Shares

36-Month Vesting

5 Ways to Earn

No Mgmt Fees


Revenue Share

10% Company Commission

5 Levels Deep

No Restrictions


Power Agents

Up to $15K in Equity Shares

No Monthly Fees

Double Rev Share


Power Agents

Our Elite Level for Mega Agents with high productivity. This level rewards those agents and influencers in order to create an environment that fosters success.

Company Equity

Power Agents get their entire cap back in Company Equity, up to $15,000.00.

Cryptocurrency Award

Power Agents get $1,500 in Cryptocurrency upon hitting Power Agent Status.

Double Revenue Share

Power Agents get 20% of the Company Commission on every transaction done by a first level agent in their organization!


Upon invitation, the requirements are 24+ Transactions OR $10 Million in Gross Sales. Power Agents are also expected to contribute to the company culture through participation in company events & trainings.


Splits & Fees

85/15 Split

As low as $99 Monthly Technology Fee

0.1% Transaction Fee


Splits & Fees

We avoid hidden fees, unneccessary fees, and nickel-and-diming. Transparency is our goal.

85/15 Split

Goes to 100% once you cap

$99 or $149 / month

This is a Technology Fee. $99 requires an annual commitment. Month-to-month is $149.

0.1% Transaction Fee

Based on Gross Price of the Sale

No Royalties or Franchise Fees

Say goodbye to Royalty & Franchise Fees. Less overhead means more agent benefits.

No Annual / Quarterly Fees

You'll never get a large bill from us at the beginning of the year. We will always work to keep our fees convenient to pay, and low enough to sustain.

No Hidden Fees

We will never suprise you with extra fees that you didn't know were coming out.

No Extra Fees

No E&O Fees. No Desk Fees. No Office Fees. No Lead Fees. No Franchise Fees. No Mentor Fees. No Annual Fees. No Education Fees.

$99 Join Fee

One-Time Startup Cost



"Agent Centric"

Traditional Franchise

Epique Realty Logo

Commission Split




CRM Software

KvCore Basic


In House

or KvCore Basic

Chime CRM

(A.I. Edition)



Live Training

Mentorship / Coaching

10% Cost; Help with only 3 Transactions

10% Cost; Help for only 6-12 months.

No Cost at all; Forever Help


30% Charge;

Buyers Only

No Cost (Free);

Buyers & Sellers

Company Equity / Stock

Free Listing Photos

Free Transaction Coordinators

Free Yard Signs

Free Lockboxes

Free CE Courses

Free Car Washes

Free Social Media Ads

Free Social Media Posting

Free Billboards

Google A.I. Software

Canva PRO

Matterport 3-D

Digital Business Cards

Free Headshots

Declining Caps

Free A.I. Writing Software