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Daily Training

Live & On-Demand

360º Full


Perfect for New Agents & Veteran Agents alike. Our 360º training approach meets each agent where they are in their career. With fundamental training, advanced classes, and mentorship our agents help build well established careers and businesses in the communities they serve.

Daily Training

We have classes every single day of the week so our agents always have access to an instructor and can learn about several topics on their own schedule.

On-Demand Video

All of our courses are recorded and stored so that agents can watch them on-demand 24/7/365. With dozens of topics and quick video tips there's a wealth of knowledge to discover.

3rd Party Training

In addition to our in-house training, we proudly offer our agents full training packages from several industry leaders at no additional charge!

Forever Mentorship

Ongoing Mentorship & Coaching




Take your business to the next level with a personal mentor/coach to guide, advise, train, and support you every step of the way.

On-Call Access

You will have your mentor's personal cell phone number. You can call or text anytime with questions.

Forever Support

You won't just have your coach for a few deals, you will have them ongoing to help you continue to grow your business.

No Fees Ever

You will never have to pay coaching or mentor fees again. All mentors are paid by the company to benefit our agents.

Transaction Coordinator

Free TC Services

Contract to Close



From Contract to Close our TC's are in house and can help you with every piece of paperwork while also babysitting each deal to ensure a smooth close.

No Extra Fees

Our in-house TC's are available at no extra cost to you at all!

More than Paperwork

TC's coordinate with Escrow, Loan Officers, Title Companies, and more to get the latest paperwork, ensure that information has been ordered, all are paid, and more.

Minimize Mistakes

TC's reduce mistakes by up to 98% according to the National Association of Realtors. Limit your liability while saving yourself time!

Focus on what Matters

Renew your focus on getting new clients, building relationships, and establishing your brand.

Free Leads

Buyer, Seller, & Attraction Leads



Buyer, Seller, and Attractions Leads with no extra fee from your Brokerage.

No Extra Fees

We don't charge additional splits, or referral fees, for any leads we supply to our agents.

A.I. Instant Followup

Leads are fed directly into the CRM, where an A.I. Assistant will follow-up with them automatically.
Buyer Leads

Seller Leads

We offer the most accurate Seller Leads possible including:

     • Expired Leads
     • FSBO Leads
     • Pre-Foreclosure Leads

All leads are Fully Skip-Traced and we provide the following:

     • Multiple Phone Number options, including relative phone numbers
     • Email Addresses scraped from multiple online sources
     • Personal Information found on the internet.
     • Property Information from MLS Data, County Records, and more.

Partner Leads

*where available

Attraction Leads

No brokerage in the world offers Attraction Leads. Get connected with agents looking to speak with you about joining Epique. This can help you build your downline very quickly and with ease.

Listing Photos

Free Professional Listing Photos

Free Professional


Save money and time, while making your listing stand out with professional photography from one of our vendors.


Not available in all areas. Select markets only.

4K HDR Resolution

Gorgeous & Bright Photos that make your listing look expansive and expensive!

Professional Photographers

We don't take these images ourselves, but instead rely on expert companies in the industry. We use several vendors across the United States that are well known in the industry.

No Additional Cost

Epique covers the cost of listing photography for our agents and listings.

Yard Signs

Free Metal Yard Signs & Sign Rider

Free Luxury

Yard Signs

Create a multi-dimensional marketing strategy that combines visibility, psychological impact, and physical presence with our Metal Yard Signs.

Luxury Metal Signs

Thick, heavy aluminum panels show off sophistication & luxury to your clients.

Sign Rider

Get a Free Personalized Sign Rider with your yard sign to help you make a better impact and look professional. 

Personalized for YOU

Personalized with your headshot, name, phone number with QR and NFC Tap Technology. Built to market you and your listing and not Epique.

Technology Embedded

QR codes allow tech savvy buyers to learn more about the property easily. NFC Tap Technology allow users to simply tap their phone on the sign to find out more.

Free Sign Posts & Installation

Not available in all areas. Select markets only.

Free Luxury

Yard Signs

Create a multi-dimensional marketing strategy that combines visibility, psychological impact, and physical presence with our Metal Yard Signs.

Not available in all areas. Select markets only..

Colonial Posts

Free luxury colonial posts, PVC or Wood. Not available in all areas. Select markets only.

Installation & Removal

Signs & Posts are installed and removed for you. No more digging, hammering, or hanging.

Free CE Courses

Continuing Education for Agents.


CE Courses

Keep your license up to date while learning more about Real Estate. All required CE Courses are covered by Epique for our agents.

Full CE Package

These aren't just a few classes. Through our school partners, we are able to offer the FULL CE Course Load required by your state or province, free to all of our agents. Whatever you need we will cover.

Online or In-Person

Prefer to study in person? With our partnerships you can attend your courses live in a classroom, where available.

Free Car Washes

Unlimited Car Washes for Agents in Select Markets


Car Washes

Always make a great impression with your clients by keeping your car spotless.

Not available in all areas. Select markets only.

Unlimited Washes

Get your car cleaned as often as you need to so that you're always prepared.

Fast & Convenient

You'll have a fast pass membership that will allow you to drive through quickly so you can get to your next appointment.

24/7 Roadside Assistance

Emergency Breakdown Support, and Beyond


Roadside Assistance

Good Sam's Platinum coverage offers a comprehensive suite of benefits tailored to meet the needs of today's busy real estate professionals.


Good Sam has agents covered around the clock with 24/7 Emergency Breakdown Support. Trip Interruption service offering reimbursement of up to $1,200 for eligible expenses incurred during an accident more than 100 miles from home.

Ultimate Towing

Unlimited towing distance to the nearest service facility or independent professional service center. Also included: Access to over 30,000 towing and service specialists, coupled with onsite technician support.

Flat Tire Replacements

Assistance for flat tires, lockouts, battery jump/replacement, and fuel/fluids delivery-Good Sam gets you back up and running with a service technician who can fix, purchase, or replace as needed.

Extended Family Discounts

Family coverage extending to spouses, domestic partners, and dependent children under 25. Emergency Medical Referral Service providing access to medical, dental, and legal referrals while traveling.

Free Social Media Ads

We promote your business


Social Ads

Reach the right audience to get your listing sold!

Facebook Ads

Paid Facebook Ads target those looking to buy or sell a home and drive traffic to your listing.

Instagram Ads

Paid Instagram Ads showcase your listings to a targeted audience, bringing more visibility and the right buyers.

Promote Listings

Get free paid ads to promote your new listings!

Free Listing Billboards

Free Listing Digital Billboards in select areas.




Our LARGEST benefit ever. Promote your listing on the side of some of the busiest streets or freeways in the country.

Not available in all areas. Select markets only.

Digital Billboards

Bright, Backlit, Digital Boards catch the attention of drivers either day or night. 

High Traffic

We pick only the best digital boards available to ensure you get high impressions on your board.

Agent-Centric Billboards

We aren't advertising Epique...we are advertising YOU and your Listing. Each billboard will be customized to have your listing and contact information.

Large Network

We'll have your listing playings for a week, available in 65,000+ Locations

Free Agent Billboards

Free Agent Digital Billboards in select areas.



Our LARGEST benefit ever. Promote yourself on the side of some of the busiest streets or freeways in the country.

Not available in all areas. Select markets only.

Digital Billboards

Bright, Backlit, Digital Boards catch the attention of drivers either day or night. 

High Traffic

We pick only the best digital boards available to ensure you get high impressions on your board.

Agent-Centric Billboards

We aren't advertising Epique...we are advertising YOU. Each billboard will be customized to have your image and contact information.


Free Professional Headshots



Look your best with professional looking headshots.

Mutliple Options

Get up to 75 options to choose from.

Quick Turnaround

Get your headshots in just a few days delivered digitally so you can share them right away.

Multiple Styles

Choose between different styles to get the look you want to present.


Health Care



Get the care you need without waiting, free prescriptions, and so much more.

Direct Primary Care

Your own private doctor that you can contact directly. No receptionists, rushed appointments, or waiting for weeks. Build a relationship with your private doctor.

Free Prescriptions

Over 1,000 prescriptions included for free. The top 95% of the most prescribed medicines are included for free. The other 5% are discounted by up to 80%. 

24/7 Urgent Care

Talk to a doctor on demand 24 hours a day for quick appointments outside of your doctor's hours. Get emergency prescriptions, medical advise, and more

Mental Health

Talk to a mental health professional for emergency visits or on a regular basis. Coordinate with your Primary doctor for medication. 

Add Children & Spouses

You are covered for free, but what if you want to get the same coverage for your spouse or children? Add one person to your plan for $20 and any additional people to your plan for only $5. They will all get the same benefits you get.



Seeing is Believing



Envision an Epique Vision Plan for All Agents.

Vision & Dental Insurance - $25/mo per person

Free Eye Exams

Ensure optimal vision health with access to free eye exams to detect and address potential eye conditions early.

Free Contacts for A Year

This access to lenses promotes convenience, comfort, and improved quality of life for those who rely on them for daily activities.

Free Glasses

Promote improved eyesight with a clear vision through the lens of opportunity with access to free glasses, and enjoy an enhanced quality of life

Access to Care

Early detection and prevention of vision problems, ultimately promote better long-term eye health and overall well-being.


Healthy Smiles



From Delta Dental - Full DPO Plan

Vision & Dental Insurance - $25/mo per person

Free Cleanings

Remove plaque and tartar buildup to help prevent gum disease, cavities, and other oral health issues. Maintain good oral hygiene and overall health without the burden of costly dental expenses.

Free X-Rays

Provide valuable diagnostic information by revealing hidden dental problems such as cavities, bone loss, and impacted teeth, allowing dentists to detect issues early and develop appropriate treatment plans.

Free Preventative Visits

Help avoid costly and painful dental problems by addressing issues early and maintaining optimal oral health.

Free Checkups

Timely intervention prevents the progression of dental problems and promotes overall health with early detection of oral health issues.

Up to 80% Off Most Procedures

Including Extractions & Crowns


Your Pet Care Companion



Airvet's Fundamental Beliefs Align With Epique's Dedication to Agent Welfare.


With more access and education for pet parents this benefit can help prevent chronic issues, eliminate uncertainty, and lead to healthier and happier pets. 

Fur Friends

Fostering a pet-inclusive culture that supports the well-being of all family members, offering agents peace of mind and support.

Healthy, Happy Pets

Airvet aims to eliminate barriers to care and promote healthier, happier pets through direct access to trusted veterinary professionals and comprehensive virtual care,

Professional Care

Agents have unlimited 24/7 access  to video calls or chat messages with a select a primary veterinarian who truly care for their clients and the humans who care for them. 

The most tech of any brokerage in the industry.


Custom GPT-Based AI



Automate and grow your business with A.I. built on Google's Machine Learning Algorithm. Market Data, Property Descriptions, Image Generator, Blogs, Email Campaigns and alot more.
Google AI

Instant Property Description

Simply enter the address and unlock a professionally crafted description tailored to highlight every unique feature and charm of your property. Effortlessly capture the essence of your property with compelling detail and accuracy.

Email Campaigns

Achieve your marketing goals effortlessly with a 12-touch email campaign created in moments. Simply define your campaign's objective, and watch as our tool crafts a series of engaging emails designed to captivate your audience and drive results.

Blog Posts

Transform any topic into captivating content with ease. Simply enter your chosen subject, and watch as our tool crafts informative and engaging blog posts tailored to your specifications.

Text to Image Generator

Experience the magic of imagination brought to life with our Text-to-Image Generator AI. Transform words into vibrant visuals effortlessly, creating stunning artwork, your dream room, an image for your social media or anything on your mind with a click of a button.


Effortlessly generate polished and professional biographies for agents. Just input key details and achievements, and watch as our tool crafts compelling narratives that showcase expertise and build trust with clients.

More Tools

That's not all. Epique AI comes loaded with more tools like newsletter generator, AI Virtual Staging, quotes generator, a tool to improve your content and many more to make your life as an agent much easier.


Certified Professional Agent™️


Certified AI Professional™️

Learn about the latest in AI Technology. You’ll learn how to build your brand using AI, Automate a year’s worth of marketing in less than 3 minutes, create dynamic and unique content, using prompts, and so much more!

Be a Tech and AI Expert

Learn ChatGPT, Prompting, Branding Yourself, Marketing Tools, Social Media and so much more! 


AI PRO® Designation

Show off your designation to your clients letting them know that you have the latest tools and knowledge to help them with their real estate needs.

12+ AI Tools Built In

We will cover over a dozen AI tools besides ChatGPT that will help you build your business and integrate AI into your business seamlessly and easily.

Exclusive Rewards

Get a Signed Certificate, Custom Email Signature, Private Zoom Meetings, Private Facebook Group and alot more! 

AI Virtual Staging

Create their dream home, without leaving yours


Virtual Staging

The latest addition to Epique's robust AI Toolset.

Advance & Transform

Designed to streamline the home staging process, this cutting-edge application empowers agents to easily reimagine any designated home with just a few clicks.

Staging Solutions

With a myriad of styles to choose from, simply upload a photo and easily customize the staging of any space. 

Furniture Options

Clean up an entire room or stage with your choice of furnitures with just a tap on a button.  

Limitless Possibilities

With the option to personally curate furnishings or entrust AI to make selections, the possibilities are endless

Available on Epique cloud

No need to download an app or a software. Available now on Epique Cloud for all our Epique Agents for free. 


A.I. Enterprise Version



The most advanced real estate software ever made, combined with the upgrades of AI Assistant & Text Messaging.

Manage Leads

See, edit, and receive leads from hundreds of sources easily.

Search & Send Homes

Send houses to your clients directly from Chime. Setup automatic property alert emails that send them homes that match their criteria.

Lead Capturing Landing Pages

Create high-converting Lead Capture Landing Pages and share them instantly on social media.

Automatic Drip Campaigns

Create and apply automated email and text campaigns to clients to increase conversion rates.

Free .com Domain

Taking personalization to the next level

Free .com


Demonstrate authority, longevity and trust to your clients with your very own .com vanity domain for free from lofty!

Establish your Brand

A Vanity domain makes it easier for leads to remember you and find your website later.


Rank Higher

Vanity domains help you rank higher in organic searches if similar keywords are searched.

Build Credibility

A domain name gives your business credibility and tells leads that you are here to stay.

Email Marketing

Maintain your branding and make your team look more professional by sending automated emails in Lofty from your vanity domain

Fully Customizable Website

Allow your business to be accessible to clients 24/7

Fully Customizable


Make your website unique with customizable settings via Lofty CMS, whether you're about to create the IDX website for the first time or you're a long time pro, we've got you covered.

Easy Website Editing

Lofty editor allows easy editing of the pages to be personalized as much as you want. The site will always look the way you desire.


Create a New Page Quickly

Customize your page using the rich text editor without any technical experience. Create a new Page using pre-designed templates and sections within minutes.

Edit Anytime

You can constantly enrich the small parts and insert the properties, images, and texts you want to show, a lead form, reviews etc. at any time without worrying about the code.

Mobile Optimized

Each page is perfectly adapted to the computer and mobile terminal, so you only have to design your website once. The interface switches directly to view the site and mobile display and looks amazing on every screen

Cloud App

Transactions, Referrals, and more

App + Desktop


Run your entire business from our simple platform, dashboard, and mobile app.

Get & Share Referrals

Collaborate with agents all across the company. Get and Share Referrals, Advice, and so much more.

Access 50+ Benefits & Tools

Access everything from your Marketing Tools, Reports, Transactions, Training, and more.

Instant Help & Requests

Get help instantly, or request things like your Free Signs, Free Listing Photos, and more.

Live & Recorded Training

Take full training courses, live training, and more right from the Epique Cloud app

Transactions & Paperwork

Start a transaction right from the app! Submit paperwork to the TC, and so much more.

Google Play Apple

Canva PRO

1+ Million Templates

Design w/


Upgrade your Canva experience with a PRO account provided by Epique.

1,000,000+ Templates

With over a million pre-made templates you can create anything you want instantly. From flyers, to cards, to videos for social media, it's all included with CanvaPRO.

Instant Branding & Compliance

Branding & Compliance is built in with templates, fonts, colors, and more.

Pro Effects

Remove backgrounds, apply filters, and more instantly.

AI Tools

Generate custom AI images, copy styles from one design to another, and so much more.

QR Codes & Offline Marketing

Create QR Codes on the fly and apply them to marketing materials instantly.


Full IDX Agent Site


IDX Website

Agents get a modern, lead capturing IDX Website for clients to use.

Lead Capture

Capture website visitors that go directly into your Lofty CRM instantly.

Mobile Responsive

Designed to look great on any device.

IDX Search

Leads and Clients can search for homes directly attached to your MLS. Updates every 5 minutes.

Home Valuation

Leads get instant home valuations, seller reports, and more.

Artificial Intelligence

Your A.I. Assistant is built into your website to capture and convert leads into clients.


Revolutionizing the way home offers are presented


CliqueOffers is a digital tool to help agents revolutionize the way home offers are presented. No more forwarding offer emails, filling out spreadsheets, or using calculators ever again.

Easily Present Multiple Offers

CliqueOffers makes it super simple to enter offer price, costs and fees, closing date, and even lets you add notes and attach documents to every offer.

Offer Fetch

Show value to your clients by submitting the home to various iBuyers and Certified cash buyers.

Look professional

We've designed every interaction to be as beautiful as possible, helping you ace your listing presentations.

Capture Leads

Whether you build your own, custom Bio Link or set up Landing Pages, CliaqueOffers helps you market.

Stay organized

Keeping all your offers in one place helps you and it helps your clients. No more lost documents!

AI Hand – Written Direct Mail



Send high converting automated hyper-realistic postcards, listed/sold cards, notecards, letters & gift cards. 

Pre-Designed Templates

Forget manual design, send just listed/sold, Open House, Under Contract or seller farming in less than 3 mins.

Track Responses

With embedded QR Codes, get texts when someone scans your code.

USPS 1st Class

Smudge Proof Postcards sent through USPS 1st class and are printed within 24 hrs.

Social Proof

Easily Append your best reviews in the postcard to gain public trust

The Epique Card

Digital Business Card

NFC Digital

Business Card

Share your contact information, social links, and more instantly with just a tap!

Tap to Share

Tap on any smartphone to instantly share your contact information with a lead or client.

Lead Capture

Use the Lead Capture function to get contact information as well as sharing your own.

QR Code

A QR Code on the back ensures that you'll be able to share with anyone with an older phone or device (older than 2015).

Battery Free

NFC does not require a battery to function, so there is no need to charge it!

Unlimited Taps

There are no restrictions on how many people you can share your contact information with.

Company Stock

Free Stock Awards


Company Stock

Join in the success of the company with our Equity programs.

Free Stock Awards

Earn free shares in the Company by simply doing the things you're already doing.

6 Ways to Earn Free Stock

Earn Free Shares simply by Joining Epique, Hitting an Anniversary Date, Recruiting an Agent, Selling your First Home with Epique, Capping, or hitting Power Award status.

Fast Vesting

Your shares vest in as little as 36 months from the date you earned them.

Declining Caps

Pay Less Every Year


Declining Caps

A loyalty-based award allows our top agents to save money over time. Every year, your Cap decreases by $1,000


$15,000 Cap

0-12 months commission cap


$14,000 Cap

1-2 years


$13,000 Cap

2-3 years


$12,000 Cap

3-4 years


$11,000 Cap

4-5 years


$10,000 Cap

5+ years

Revenue Share

Uncomplicated. No Restrictions.


Revenue Share

Share in the Company's Revenue by attracting agents. 

No Front Line Qualifiers

No need to build a first level to access any other levels.

5 Levels Deep

5 Levels, completely unlocked at all times. 

10% Company Commission

On every level. No variable rates per level. It's all the same.

No Locked Levels

No levels are locked. Access all 5 levels.

No "Buffering"

We will never reduce your Revenue Share check for any reason. What you earn is what you earn.

No Restrictions

We don't play games, or have any restrictions that would inhibit or slow down your ability to earn Revenue Share.

Nationwide Attraction

Attract agents from anywhere in the country. We are completely bordlerless. 

Power Award

Stock Awards + Rev Share

Power Award

Rewarding our most productive and influential agents.

Free Company Stock

Get up to $15K in Company Stock for hitting Power Award status.

Double Rev Share

Earn DOUBLE Revenue Share for all Level 1 agents for a year.

No Cultural Requirements

We won't hold your awards hostage or require you to work for free in order to get your bonus stock.

Reduced Monthly Fees

Pay only $99/mo technology fee instead of $149 for a year.


To qualify you must sell 24+ transactions or $10 Million in sales.

Splits & Fees

Low Splits. No Hidden Fees.


Splits & Fees

We avoid hidden fees, unneccessary fees, and nickel-and-diming. Transparency is our goal.

85/15 Split

Goes to 100% once you cap

$99 or $149 / month

Technology Fee of $99/mo (billed annually) or join month-to-month for $149/mo. 

0.1% Transaction Fee

Based on Sale Price. Caps at $500 per transaction.

No Royalties or Franchise Fees

Say goodbye to Royalty & Franchise Fees. Less overhead means more agent benefits.

No Annual / Quarterly Fees

You'll never get a large bill from us at the beginning of the year. We will always work to keep our fees convenient to pay, and low enough to sustain.

Free E&O Insurance

We will pay for all E&O Insurance for our agents.

No Hidden Fees

We will never suprise you with extra fees that you didn't know were coming out.

No Extra Fees

No E&O Fees. No Desk Fees. No Office Fees. No Lead Fees. No Franchise Fees. No Mentor Fees. No Annual Fees. No Education Fees.

$99 Join Fee

One-Time Startup Cost


Family Teams, Traditional, & PowerTeams.


We support several kinds of teams and organizations and offer unparalleled benefits to our team members and team leaders.

Reduced Fees

All Team Members pay only $99/month for their technology fee. PowerTeams™ also receive a 1/2 cap on Transaction Fees.

Lower Caps

Team Members pay lower caps than individual agents, helping them hit their goals faster. 

Stock Awards & PowerAward Status

All agents, including team members have the ability to hit PowerAward status which allows them to get their cap back in Company Stock.

Traditional Teams

Traditional Teams are able to work together to accomplish goals, and pool resources. The benefits of being on a Traditional Team are below:


Team Member Benefits:

• Low $10K Company Cap for Agents

• Only $99 monthly for Agents

• Ability to earn Stock Awards and hit PowerAgent™ Status


Team Leader Benefits:

• Low $15K Company Cap

• $149 monthly tech fee

• Ability to earn Stock Awards and hit PowerAgent™ Status

• No minimum sales metrics required to be a team

• Set your own split & caps


Team members and leaders get to partake in the Equity Awards for hitting PowerAgent™ status even if they're at a reduced cap. Company Mentors are not available for PowerTeams. In some states, Teams may be required to get a DBA to use the Team name.



PowerTeams™ is an elite designation that represents our high volume teams. PowerTeam™ members and leaders receive the best awards and discounts offered.


Team Member Benefits:

• Low $5K Company Cap for Agents

• Only $99 monthly for Agents

• Ability to earn Stock Awards and hit PowerAgent™ Status

• 1/2 Off Transaction Fee Cap (only $250)


Team Leader Benefits:

• Low $15K Company Cap

• Only $99 monthly tech fee

• Double Revenue Share (20%) on all Level 1 Recruits (if also Power Award Agent)

• Up to $15K in Free Stock (if also PowerAward Agent)

• 1/2 Off Transaction Fee Cap (only $250)

• Set your own split & caps


PowerTeam™ members and leaders get to partake in the Equity Awards for hitting PowerAgent™ status even if they're at a reduced cap. In some states, Teams may be required to get a DBA to use the Team name.


Family Teams

Family Teams represent a 2-person only family pair (married couple or family duo) that work together on each deal.


Team Benefits:

• Reduced $7,500 Cap for each member

• Only $99 monthly for each

• Team Branding & Resources

• Ability to get Stock Awards for PowerAgent™ Status


Domestic Team members get to partake in the Equity Awards for hitting PowerAgent™ status even if they're at a reduced cap. Domestic Teams must register a DBA to be paid as a Team. In some states, Teams may be required to get a DBA to use the Team name.


UnOfficial Teams

Unofficial Teams keep their regular individual structure and status (no team leads, additional splits, etc) but share the same name for marketing, work together, share leads, and more.


Team Benefits:

• Team Branding

• Share Marketing Material

• No Minimum Production Requirements


Although unstructured, to use a Team name, all teams must get approval from the Company. In some states, Teams may be required to get a DBA to use the name.



Built for Growth


& Growth

We're built to last. 

Strategic Partnership

We don't work with vendors, we make vendors work with us. All of our partners have agreed to the terms of what we are willing to pay, not what they are charging. Our rates are a fraction of Retail for vendor and tech expenses.

In House Technology & Development

All of our Apps, Websites, and AI-Software is built in-house saving the company hundreds of thousands of dollars in development and maintenance costs.

Automation, API, and AI Systems

We utilize breakthrough AI technology, RestAPI, and Automation in every facet of our workflow to decrease labor costs and increase efficiency.

Capped Expenses

We don't add benefits and expand our budgets. We squeeze benefits into our existing per agent and per transaction expenses, or tweak other benefits to make room for new initiatives.

The Sweet Spot in Fee Structure

We are not a discount brokerage, but we're not expensive. We focus on offering value. Our agents pay Monthly Fees, a Company Split, and Transaction Fees.

Vertical Integration

Leveraging several key partnerships in the Real Estate industry, our alliances allow us to earn several ways on every aspect of a real estate transaction.